Viennese Ball at the French Embassy: A Magical Gala Evening in Vienna and a Celebration of Music, Wine, Dessert, and Dance
Join us on your own or with friends for a grand celebration of Viennese music and dancing on a wooden floor to a classical orchestra with exquisite Viennese desserts. Experience the splendor and spirit of Vienna and elegance of the waltz as you meet ICDC Members.
Embassy security requires each guest to have a reservation. Reserve your tickets early, as we are unable to admit guests without a reservation. If you purchase multiple tickets, please provide us the full name of each guest.

Event Date

Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Event Address

Embassy of France
4101 Reservoir Road NW
Washington DC 20007

Requested Attire

White Tie or Black Tie Optional (dark suits are also fine!). Vintage formal attire from the renaissance era or the 1900s welcome! The event will go ahead rain, shine, or snow.

Event Description

We cordially request the pleasure of your company for a magical Viennese Ball & Holiday Gala Celebration at the Embassy of France, one of the grandest diplomatic venues in DC. An unforgettable gala evening and celebration of Viennese music and dancing along with French wine & desserts await you. A partner or prior dance experience are not needed to attend, as Viennese Waltz lessons will be offered just before the ball.

You do not need a date to attend as we expect both singles and couples to join us. Enjoy a night of dancing to our classical orchestra or watch the twirling silhouettes on the dance floor move to the sounds of the world’s most beloved waltzes, and other dance music from around the world. The Salon Orchestra of Washington will perform the Strauss waltzes, ballroom music from around the world and the famous Radetsky Grand March, led by the popular Tanzmeister-couple Herbert and Carol Traxler. They will also invite you to join them in Strauss Fledermaus Quadrille #6, which is danced at all the major balls in Vienna.

The event is presented in collaboration with the Women's Diplomatic Series, an organization founded to to encourage women to become better global citizens through exposure to Washington's distinguished diplomatic community and you can find additional information online.

Viennese Waltz Lessons Presented on the Day of the Ball - Select ticket that includes the dance lessons!
On the same day as the Viennese Ball, we will present Viennese Waltz lessons right before the ball starts so you can learn how to dance the Viennese Waltz, as it is danced in Vienna. A partner or prior dance experience is not needed to attend so attend on your own or with friends to experience one of the most elegant and romantic dances of all time! The lessons will be taught on a wooden dance floor at the Embassy of France. The dance lessons will be taught by Herb & Carol Traxler. A Native of Austria, Herbert Traxler with his wife Carol Traxler have taught the Viennese waltz to hundreds of enthusiastic dancers in the DC area at the White House, Smithsonian, & many other venues. Space for the dance lessons is limited so make your reservations early!

Experience the elegant atmosphere of a European Ball, as well as meet international professionals and members of the diplomatic community.

+ Attend on your own or with friends. You do not need a date to attend.
+ Dance on a large wooden dance floor.
+ Classical orchestra performs Viennese Waltzes and other dance music.
+ Exquisite selection of Viennese & French desserts by the French Embassy pastry chef.
+ French wine served at the open bar
+ Viennese Waltz lessons presented at the French Embassy on the same day as the Viennese Ball
+ Experience the Grand March and Quadrille as danced at a traditional Viennese Ball (We will show you how!)
+ Meet, network, and socialize ICDC members in an exquisite setting

Kindly note that the event does not include dinner and you will instead be presented with a selection of exquisite desserts with French wine presented at the open bar. Please plan to have dinner before or after the event.

Indulge in Delectable Austrian & European Desserts: 
(Presented from 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM)

Viennese Sacher Torte
Decadent Chocolate Cake Layered with Chocolate Cream & Raspberry Jam
Delightful Almond Opera Torte with Coffee & Chocolate Cream
Mini Chocolate & Coffee Eclairs
Petite Fruit Mousse: Mango, Cassis, Passion fruit
Swan Shaped Cream Puffs with Whipped Cream
Fruit & Strawberry Tarts
Pistachio Almond Cookie with Pistachio Cream
Lemon Meringue Tart
Heavenly Chocolate mousse delights
Apple Strudel
See below for the video of a previous Viennese Ball at the Embassy of Austria. Our 2018 Viennese Ball is presented at the Embassy of France. Please note that the Viennese Ball is presented as a formal ball with dancing to an orchestra and not a seated event. As such though there will be a limited amount of seating offered at the event, kindly note that seating is not guaranteed at all times since space is maximized to allow for a large dance floor.

Embassy security requires each guest to have a reservation. Reserve your tickets early, as we are unable to admit guests without a reservation. If you purchase multiple tickets, please provide us the full name of each guest.


  No Tickets are currently available. For additional assistance, please contact us.

Please note that online ticket sales are non-refundable. The current ticket prices are listed above. Please note that ticket prices are subject to increase as we approach the commencement of the event and we encourage you to reserve your tickets early, as space is limited.

The International Club of DC Thanks Our Sponsors


Event Agenda (May change)

The event will proceed as planned rain, shine, or snow.

7:00 PM Admission for the Viennese Waltz Dance lessons for guests who purchase tickets that include the lessons
- Learn to dance the Viennese Waltz, as it is danced in Vienna. 
- Viennese waltz lessons conclude at approximately 8:30 PM in time for General Admission
8:30 PM Admission commences for General Admission Ticket Holders
- The Orchestra performs until 11:30 PM.
- Dance to Viennese waltzes and other ballroom dance music
(Approx.: 75% Viennese Waltz with 25% other dance music to include: Polka, swing, & tango)
- Enjoy a very extravagant dessert reception in the finest Viennese tradition until 10:00 PM.

9:15 PM Orchestra takes a break with recorded music played.

9:30 PM Welcome Remarks and Grand March

9:45 PM Orchestra performs music for dancing

10:30 PM Quadrille

10:45 PM Orchestra performs music for dancing

11:15 PM Bar service ends

11:30 PM Gala Concludes

Agenda is tentative and is subject to change.


If driving, street parking will be available on Reservoir Road and throughout the surrounding neighborhoods. Also, there is a pay lot located across the street at Georgetown University Hospital. Due to security considerations, parking WILL NOT be available on the grounds of the Embassy of France. 

Please note that the map is enclosed below as a courtesy to you and for your convenience but we do not guarantee the accuracy of the map or the directions provided by Google. It is your responsibly to arrive safely and on time at the address of the event disclosed above.

Parking is limited to street parking in the vicinity of the venue. Kindly note that, as is the case in most major cities, the availability of street parking in Washington DC is limited and beyond our control. Due to the limited availability of parking, we highly recommend a cab, Uber/Lyft or other transportation option. The event start at the designated time so please allow sufficient time for traffic/travel/transportation and parking as these factors are beyond our control.